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What Are the Things We Look for in the Best Online Slots?

Online slots are on the rise in popularity all over the world by offering high-quality entertainment, fascinating gameplay and the opportunities to win life-changing prizes. Players have a shining array of online slots at their disposal, from classic 3-reel and 5-reel slots to 3D slots as well as progressive jackpot games. Thousands of online casinos start competing in the industry, and they’re all trying to entice you with attractive bonuses and new exciting games.

Online slots deliver an incredibly efficient way to bring the exuberance of the casino floor to your home. They have become popular in recent years, leading to a rise in the number of sites that offer online slots. The world’s largest bookmakers and land-based casinos are already targeting UK online slot players, placing them in competing directly with highly specialized online casinos. They’re all looking to secure your business, and can be difficult to know which sites to choose from.

Luckily, we did your homework for you.  Our expert team of reviewers constantly evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of all UK online slots sites, especially enabling us to suggest only the best online slot providers. It is best to adhere to the prestigious, trustworthy sites that we want to help guide you in finding the best slot online, as a number of shady, unauthorized operators will also attract you. We can help you differentiate the fair sites from the fraudsters and help you to find online slots providers that offer great bonuses, instant payouts, outstanding software as well as top notch customer service.

This article will help in finding the best online slots sites in the UK. We’ll discuss the different types of online slots on offer, and the average returns you can wish to earn. We’ll also shed more light on the exciting bonus offers you to choose from, and discussing the different payment methods. We’ll also outline exciting new online slots, the best mobile slots and leading software providers. You will learn what terms like RTP, RNG and progressive jackpot mean, learn more about 2021’s top-rated online slots, learn how to play games, discover the payment methods at your disposal, and absorb the great history of online slots.

At the end of the day, we’ll guide you to trusted, reliable online slots sites that will handle you fairly, pay you out on time, as well as keep you enthralled with a wide range of games. Keep reading to learn more about the best online slots that players can enjoy.

Why It Must Play Slots Online?

One of the major distinctions between online and land based casinos is the option to play online slot games at home. We live in an ear where people have much less time than they’ve ever been, which indicates that getting out to a casino to play slot machines is also not as available as it might have been.

The online aspect allows the player to sign in and start playing whenever they choose to play. Some believe that this removes the human aspect from these games, but others may argue that this is just another reason why people like it.

The development of a mobile slot game has made us take this one move further and play slots while we’re on the go. We discuss more on this later in the article, however there is no doubt that the mobile extension was just as popular as the online extension.

A key point that many people overlook when looking at playing any online slot is the Return To Player (RTP) percentage. These numbers are much higher online than most casinos and, in turn, provides a much good offer to the player.

To put it in some aspect, most slots have an RTP between about 93 and 98 percent. Plenty of the land games you play will be around 90 percent, but it’s pretty common to see a considerable number down to 80 percent, which would be a huge difference, offering the casino an extremely high edge with all of those games.

Eventually, the rate at which new games are released indicates that this is a thrilling and moving quickly sector of an online casino. They’re coming out every week these days, which implies they never remain stagnant.

Online Slots Variations

One of the significant breakthroughs in playing slot games for years has been the variations wherein they are now being developed. Slot game varieties come in all shapes and sizes so it’s crucial to know which ones to look out for it and which ones are best to your eye.

Branded Slots

Branded slots are already the one of the most popular games you can play online. These are games that are interconnected to the fancies of movies, TV shows, game shows, team sports and whatever other brand you might think of.

You’ll find that the branded titles are somewhat more refined than your average video slot. There will be a few reasons for this.

The first is that the budget to make the slot is often higher because they have the financial backing of a successful brand behind them. This means that they can push technology and therefore create more immersive games.

After that, branded games have to be of a certain standard, since they need to represent the brand. For instance, if you have a slot called “Jewels” which is junk, then people will just ignore the game and don’t consider much more about it. That being said, if the game is a monopoly, people will identify it with the brand and cheapen it.

Video Slots

Video slots are what we like to allude to as “bread and butter” in the online slots’ category. Most of the games you see online are video slots.

These games will sometimes come with features including such paylines, bonus round slots, side games, excellent graphics or even mini-games. They took the classic slot game and then adapted modern technologies to create them more interactive and more interesting to play.

Games are going to range in terms of RTP and variance, making them enjoyable for players and developers alike.

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot games are massive cash slots. That’s also where you can earn life-changing amounts of money from a simple wheel spin. As a consequence, they are the most popular variety of online slot games.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about how they work, but that’s because there are two types of jackpot games; progressive and standard.

The standard jackpot game is one which is normally hosted either by the casino or the developer. They established a jackpot for that game, but this will be prompted when the player hits the winning combination. Once won, the jackpot will be restored, and the game will also be played again.

A progressive jackpot slot is indeed a game that begins to increase the more players play the game. They’re getting a quick cut of every spin that’s made, and this total amount goes to the jackpot.

These games are the major jackpot games, and that’s because they are sometimes hosted by game developers. This enables the jackpot to evolve across multiple casinos through the same game, vastly increasing the exposure and thus increasing the jackpots on offer.

As a basic guideline, it’s a great idea to play at higher paying casinos when you play these jackpot slots.

Classic Slots

Classic slot games are your toned-down online slots, and they often imitate games from a past era. Games possess fewer pay lines, fewer features, and usually fewer winning combinations.

It might sound terribly boring, but the games are utilized to minimize all the “noise” that originates with video slots and allow players to enjoy the simplicity of these games for what they are. It’s important to note that most of the classics may have the highest RTP.

Best Slots Software Providers

The online slot industry is privileged with a wealth of highly talented software providers. They’re all competing to launch the most interesting games every year, and the real winner is the player, as the leading online slots are continuously improving. These are the most important software providers of online slots:

We will be discussing later about the game providers and we wanted to add somewhat more information about it though. The first point to mention is that just about all casinos get their games from third party casino software providers. They develop games and then sell off the rights to the casinos.

There are several factors why casinos are doing all this. First is that it saves investment in the massive costs that come with the development of the game as well as the research and development that comes with it.

The second is that it was less of a job to look after. They know they can sign agreements, sometimes with a few developers, and afterwards the games are ready to go inside their casino.

This has become a highly competitive global market, and there is a lot of emphasis on improving existing games and coming up with interesting new titles. It’s huge bucks for the developers, but then, if they achieve success, the rewards are there as well.

Below are among the top software companies for online slots.


Microgaming is definitely the strongest, both in terms of total quantity of games on offer and the number of casinos that use their platform. They represent all the basics and are among the few which are used as a stand-alone software developer, — for example the level of the corporation.

Although their best slots are involved, the jackpot games must be up there because they are as big as you can consider in the industry. Branded games have a major role to play and have also been able to sign big deals with the great and exciting games. A few of their games have been so popular that they’ve been brands of their own, such as Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck as well as Avalon.

Net Ent

Net Ent is a Swedish-based company that would have to work hard to get to the base of the peak. This was the game advancement that allowed them to achieve success and with it created a variety of slots that are now recognizable.

Two outstanding games from their ever-increasing back catalog are Gonzo’s Quest as well as Starburst. The former is now the Net Ent brand, whilst also Starburst is regarded as one of the best online slots for most bonus spins.


Another one of the big beasts is PlayTech. They were among the original casino game developers way back in 1999 have been on the ground ever since.

PlayTech is one of very few that have been sufficient to activate entire casinos on their own, outlining the range of games they offer. There is indeed a wide range of outstanding titles, such as a myriad of branded slots. Some of these include the Justice League, The Dark Knight, as well as the Magic Seven of Frankie Dettori.

Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming is one of several success stories you’ve encountered in the game software industry. The company was created way back in 2013, but was willing to cement itself as one of the finest companies in the business.

They might not have the accolades that bigger brands do, but the effectiveness of games, especially slots, is second to none. Games like Vikings Go Wild, Vikings Go Berserk as well as Blood Moon Wilds are three of their best titles.

Play’N Go

Play’N Go is yet another Scandinavian brand that’s also doing very well in the online slots section. Established in 2007, they now have a prosperity of games at their disposal and have been able to give priority to guaranteeing that RTP rates are as high as they can be.

Remarkable games from the brand involve Troll Hunters 2, Rich Wilde as well as the Athena Shield and Rally 4 Riches. What’s evident about all of these games is they’re following an exciting story as you play, accessing a max bonus round features that so many of their competitors don’t really have.


IGT has also been highly specialized in themed games and branded slots throughout the last decade or so. The company divided their work among online and live casinos, creating a massive number of slot machines in which you can see all over the world in land-based casinos.

Online, they have such a huge range of slot machines to choose from. What’s incredible about IGT is that every game that dates back and is no longer ground up is either reconditioned or split. This is uncommon, but from the viewpoint of user experience, something that is really welcome.

Remarkable games have included Family Guy, Ghostbuster, Baywatch, Cleopatra as well as Wheel of Fortune.


Novomatic will not be the first brand you consider when it comes to software developers, but they’re also the oldest in this list, going all the way back to 1980. The company has a variety of online slots, but also more than 2,000 land-based casinos hosting their games.

Games wise, the Book of Ra is just what they’re known primarily for, but some games include Lord of the Ocean, Dolphin’s Perl as well as Sizzling Hot, each contributing to an effective package that Novomatic will have to offer.

Bonuses and Free Spins

Amongst the most profitable parts of online casinos is the welcome offer that you might access. If we’re truthful, a lot of casinos are fairly similar these days, which is back to the sheer volume to choose from.

To distinguish from the crowd and bring in players, the casino will deliver something of a welcome offer, typically in the form of a welcome bonus as well as free spins.

The amount you can claim here will rely heavily on the casino bonus you are qualified for. This may differ in terms of the wagering requirement, the amount in your first deposit, and also how many deposits you would like to make.

The interesting point to note here is that it is very rarely free money. A welcome bonus, for instance, is a bonus money that is originally handed out to the casino, but if you’d like to withdraw the cash then you’ll need to meet a certain criterion in terms of gameplay. These are usually referred to as wagering requirements.

When you earn the bonus, you will also be told that you need to bet a certain number of times thru the bonus before you are qualified to withdraw the money. This could be anywhere from 20x to 50x the bonus amount.

Consequently, if you were given a bonus worth £100 – for instance – and the casino told you to bet that bonus 20 times before you can withdraw, you’d also get to put £2000 worth of bets before that funds was obviously yours to be used as you would like.

You will also find that when it comes to wagering, the games will be limited. This could mean that only a percentage of every £1 you bet money will count toward that clearing rate. That being said, with online slots, all the bonuses will be aimed at these games, as well as they typically come with a 100% contribution.

Other things to look out for include the amount of time that you have to clear the bonus before it expires, the games that you can play to clear the bonus if the clearance rate is only for the amount of the bonus or the amount of the bonus and the deposit, and which deposit methods are eligible to claim the offer.

Free spins are really a bit simpler than most bonus slots. The casino would then give you bonus spins for only certain slots, and then any winnings you get after that you can generally keep.

Limitations from such an offer generally involve things like the maximum stake for every spin, the number of spins allowed and the games in which you can use for your free spins.

Low Wagering Bonus Requirement

The object of the game for any casino bonus is just to find the one with the lowest wagering requirements for the bonus. These are all the ones that give players the most opportunity to get funds out of the casino within a given time.

Before you keep searching at a casino, you first have to figure out a credible image that you can reach in relation to the amount of the deposit as well as how much you’re going to play. A good timeline to work on this is 30 days, provided that most deals are set to end after this timeframe. That being said, the weekly amounts also are beneficial, with some casinos offering less than 30 days to clear up.

If you’re interested in online slots, it’s going to be difficult to know straight off the bat. That is indeed why you’d want to find the lowest wagering amount for the longest period of time. You can opine that exactly what you’re trying to aim for with every bonus, but sometimes bigger offers are less user-friendly, but have not yet been out of reach.

To prepare for this, start deciding what you’d like to deposit into your account, and a rough amount that you want to bet each week. Understand that this isn’t just the amount you’re going to win or lose, so the more you’re playing, the more games you’re going to maintain.

When you’ve got a vague idea, it’s time to shoot for bonuses. Test for casinos with a high deposit amount, a pretty long clearance as well as a low wagering amount.

What are the good numbers?

Well, any 30-day time period is fairly good for a casino bonus. Any bonus that meets 100 percent or better is great value and you can aim 100 USD or more for this.

The amount placed on a bet is the important point to be checked. Anywhere in the 30 times mark is good, as well as the lower one is really great. It’s key, however, to discover if this number includes both your deposit and your bonus, or even one of them. You want to control casino bonuses which include as much as twice as much money you need to clear up to have your bonus.

Eventually, you have to check the games that help remove the bonus. Most of them will have slots as a 100 percent contribution, but it’s worth trying, just to make absolutely sure.

Play Free Slots Online

Plenty of game developers as well as casinos offer free games that you can play online. They were designed specifically to be a “try before you buy” sort of deal, it was something that most newcomers will be recommended to use.

These sort of games or demo play features still occur, but it is important to note that players from the UK will also not be able to access them. The explanation is that they’ve been banned by the UK Gambling Commission, which finds that they are too available to problem gamblers.

As a consequence, UK players no longer have access to these free online slots. It’s important to remember that if you’re from the UK and you get access to them, then you’ll need to question the credibility of the casino and they’re going to be going against their licensee’s regulations to do something like this.

Those of you outside the UK still will be capable of playing slots for free. We still also suggest that, if you really can access, you have them and understand how a certain slot game will work in terms of pay lines and bonus features.

Mobile Slots

As the world is slowly moving away from online and to mobile, casino games have been starting to follow suit. A lot of games are already being developed with a mobile-first approach, which implies that they are intended for a smaller screen and then modified to the online screen.

Of the hundreds of games that live across thousands of online casinos, however, almost all of these games are developed for the online platform. To allow the massive immigration of these games, a platform called HTML 5 has been formed.

Without getting into specifics for you, HTML 5 is indeed a coding platform that really has allowed websites, games, casinos and now slots to run properly between online and mobile devices. This implies that a program can be developed on this platform and made available on a lot of platforms.

All this ensures that a slot player is now able to play games on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or any other mobile platform. The games, for even the most part, are being brilliantly moved across and it can be made to fit any size or resolution of the screen.

As a slot player, there seem to be a variety of ways you can access these mobile casino games. The most important is to download the casino’s dedicated mobile application, and the alternative is to access the casino through the use of your mobile phone, which provides you a mobile-friendly version of the casino.

Online Slots Tournaments

Slot tournaments are really a new feature of online casino games, and that they are one that is still underrated by the society. The notion is, as the title suggests, an online slots tournament, satisfying players for being able to play via a set number of coins in the fastest possible time.

Even though the idea sounds easy, it’s harder than people think, which in turn adds some skill to the games. There are also differences in terms of the games, prize pool and time frame of each of the casino tournaments that you can join.

The number of casinos including this particular game is continuing to grow worldwide. Site that is one of the greatest and the best. A good example of how it would work is in the form of their Reel Thrill Slots Tournaments.

To join this all you have to do is play Reel Thrill games with any real money slots in the set. Once in, the game takes your share of the profit from your 20 spins etc. and combines it into a score. You can now see the live leaderboard and the winner after 20 extra spins, the player with the highest number of points.

The match is going to be reset every 15 minutes then you are free to come and go whenever you wish. The top five positions mostly on leader board will also be qualified for a cash prize, which will then be applied to their account directly.

Games often vary on the basis of a number of spins that can then be made over a certain time period or, the highest percentage won by the individual player. They choose a percentage to allow the players of all bankrolls to enter and sustain a level playing field.

The prizes will also vary. A few of the biggest tournaments can include stuff like cruises, 5* holidays, gadgets, cars, latest tech, bonuses, cash or even free spins. You’ll discover that they’re used to create attractive new games to the casino and get a bit of excitement created around it.

Highest Slot Payouts

If you’re just looking for a stat from the online slot, ensure it’s the game payout percentage. In the business sector, this is often alluded to as the RTP or what we called “Return to Player percentage. This is the amount of money that is paid out for the £1 that is spent. So, if you put £1 into a 97 percent RTP slot machine, you can expect to get 97p of that £1 back.

As you can expect, situations are not quite as directly forward as they are, so we need to consider the effect variance. This means that descriptive takes place which are opposite to the mathematical route.

For instance, the odds of flipping a coin are 50 percent head chance and 50 percent tail chance. However, the prospect of flipping heads 10 times in a row is very reasonable given the low sample size. The more you flip, the more the results will be, lowering the variability for that bet.

Slots are working in very much the same way. If we reached the slot for every single £1, we just got 97p back, then no one would play. People are playing for variability in the optimism that they might run well and win it because they’ve invested.

As a player, we would like to take as much RTP as possible. Much of the only slots are between 92 percent and 98 percent RTP. The higher the RTP, the more it will offer back to the player.

Several other online slots allow users to change the variables in the game, which then in turn affect the RTP for the game. Things like pay lines or even stakes can change the RTP game. This is a completely legitimate aspect.

We’re including the RTP with every slot and progressive slot we’re reviewing. That’s such an interesting criterion that it’s vitally important that we wouldn’t leave it out and that you, as a player, are conscious of the style of the game you’re playing.

Just like a final thought on this, lower RTP games may not always mean that they’re poor games. It implies that they offer a different type of game than other slots, that’s why so many of them are unique.

If you look at progressive jackpot games, they’re generally around the 93 percent RTP mark, which would be low. Even so, they’re the only games that enable you to get millions of pounds, which is the exchange that comes with any of these games. Higher payout casinos will always be more desirable to play at when taking into consideration the huge numbers up for grabs.

Slots Payment Methods

Online slots sites have made great strides over the last decade or so, and that one of the greatest breakthroughs has been the variety of ways you can get your money from, and most pertinently, the casino.

We are pretty fortunate that the typical Slot Site encompasses major payment providers like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Apple Pay and even bank transfer. That being said, it is important to note that credit card payments are now prohibited for UK residents and are prohibited from UK-based casinos.

Selecting a payment provider is not an easy task. There are many lots from which to choose, and each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

A good advice that we like to offer is to keep a separate payment account for your online slots from your main bank account. This means that you can track all transactions easily, but you can also move from casino to casino by catching the best games as well as promotions from a single account. Any payments in and out are mostly gambling based, and that’s a good way to organize the bankroll properly.

Payment methods are usually broken down into the following of categories.

The first is that of bank cards. They take the form of Visa, MasterCard as well as MasterCard. Almost all slot sites will accept one or all of such banking methods, as well as they rarely come with any conditions associated. Deposits will be processed instantly, and withdrawals may take approximately 1 and 5 working days.

We are now migrating into the world of e-wallets, but these are some of the newer payment processing options that you can choose from. Now we’ve got the advantage of PayPal, Neteller, Skrill as well as EntroPay.

They’re becoming incredibly common with gambling, as it’s generally the quickest way to get the money out. Withdrawals can be returned to your account within 24 hours and many of them have an account card attached, meaning you can jump to the ATM and also get your money upfront if you need to.

Bank transfer is mostly used for large payments as you’ll need to wire money to or from a casino. They take as much time to process as they have to be accepted by the casino and the bank, but they’re also the safest method for large payments.

There are a number of other payment methods that you can also access. These include the following:

  • Paysafecard
  • Bitcoin
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Revolut Card
  • Many more

Basic Tips and Tricks

Online slots are one of the most popular online casino games of all time, and it’s simple to understand why. Fast and interesting gameplay, thrilling topics, elegant sound and visuals and also the chance to win huge jackpots make online slots an incredibly fun leisure activity. On this site, our specialists have put together such a lot of good tips for you to optimize your profit potential.

Here are the tips that Seasoned players know that this is far from essential to bet a significant amount of money and just hope. We put it below on   what each player can do to enhance their possibility of success considerably.

Must choose a smaller jackpot

If you’d like to have a greater chance of winning whilst also playing than progressive jackpot slots, for instance, then deliberately choose smaller jackpot slot games. They’re paying out as often as not.

Give heed to your deposit limit

Set an appropriate betting limit before you begin shooting. Only bet good money that you can afford to waste and never surpass your personal limit to win a big jackpot.

Search at the pay lines

Test how many slots pay lines you have and whether you would choose them easily. The more pay lines you possess, the greater your odds of winning.

Stay updated out of bonus rounds

Online bonus slots and free spins are quite popular with players since only through free spins can you come out on top of really big jackpots and stimulate more free spins slots.

Must choose the most reliable casino

You can’t really say that enough. There is nothing more important than the honesty of the casino you’re playing in. Some bogus casinos simply deferred winnings. Consequently, do some extensive research before signing up.

Be a member

Numerous casinos offer special memberships, like slot clubs, which allow you, as a slot lover, to frequently enjoy appealing slots with bonuses as well as free spins.

Play a simpler slot

With simpler slot machines, you will experience similar more frequent and higher payouts, because developers have invested significantly less time and money in developing the game. As a consequence, manufacturers of state-of-the-art online slots are pleased to repay part of their investment as a result of lower payout percentages.

Do one at a time

Pushing again instantly after each spin is extremely seductive, but we recommend you to play usually slower and think each time cautiously if you’d like to bet again. So, merely take your time and play relaxed.

Play your big progressive jackpots

Everyone who desperately hopes for the big million winnings must, of course, risk going into the big progressive jackpots. These payouts are much less common, but with a lot of luck, you’re going to win a huge amount of money.

Use bonuses and promotions

Almost all online casinos reward new customers and loyal long-term customers with regular bonus offers. Stay updated out of the latest bonus codes, free spins, and much more.

Add Your Heading Text Here

As with gambling, you can only get a limited hand in assessing your luck. Except for classic table games such as blackjack and poker, slots are definitely 100% random. You also can try to predict the path, predict patterns, as well as read the recent news, but you can’t affect the overall outcome of the game. But, as has been said, you can at least help a little in accumulating more repeated winnings. Playing free in free mode can never hurt, since this way, you get to understand the rules in the smallest detail before you wager on real money. You’ll have to know the winning symbols, bonus rounds, as well as other hidden extras.